About NAFO

The National Centre for Multicultural Education (NAFO) was established in 2004 as one of the steps undertaken by the government to implement its strategic plan:
Equal Education in Practice! A strategy for better learning and greater participation by language minorities in kindergartens, schools and education 2004-2009.

After the end of the strategic plan period, NAFO has continued working for competence –building, networking and implementing developmental projects with the aim of promoting inclusive and equal education for linguistic minorities in kindergartens, schools and institutions of adult education.

  • NAFO carries out assignments given by the Directorate for Education and Training. NAFO collaborates with universities, university colleges, the National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Secondary Education (FUG), the Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning (VOX) and other national centers for education. Focus-schools and focus-kindergartens within the education system are NAFOs central partners.
  • NAFO has established regional collaboration networks (the NAFO-wheel) in all counties. Focus-schools, focus-kindergartens, kindergarten-owners and school-owners, the university/university college sector, and in most counties, the education department in the counties, participate in NAFOs collaboration networks.
  • NAFO has established national level networks for focus-kindergartens focus-schools and school-owners. NAFO runs competence-building programs for work within, and leadership of, institution involved in the education of linguistic minorities and for the development of inclusive multicultural learning communities in Norway.
  • The Centre’s target groups are owners of day-care centers, kindergartens, schools, and adult-education centers as well as administrators of schools and kindergartens, teachers, staff of the pedagogical psychological counseling services and professionals at universities and university colleges.


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